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About JoinTown

JoinTown Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Jointown" or "the company") is a technology-driven comprehensive service provider for the whole chain pharmaceutical industry. The company is based on the big health industries such as pharmaceutical circulation, logistics services, and medical health. Its main business consists of the following six parts, namely digital pharmaceutical distribution and supply chain services, general agency brand promotion services, pharmaceutical industry and OEM business, digital retail, intelligent logistics and supply chain solutions, and medical health and technology value-added services.Since the company was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange on 2 November 2010 (stock abbreviation: Jointown, code: 600998), it has achieved sustained and stable high-quality development, ranking fourth among Chinese pharmaceutical commercial enterprises for many years in a row, leading the Chinese private pharmaceutical commercial enterprises, ranking 93rd among the Fortune 500 companies (Chinese version) in 2021 and 65th among China's top 500 private enterprises.


Jointown met its new development strategy period from year 2020 to 2022. The development theme of this strategic period is "Make professional pharmaceutical distribution, do excellent product marketing, provide innovative internet service and solidify high-quality development". Applied itself to the pharmaceuticals and big health industry, the company provides pharmaceutical institutions, retail pharmacies, commercial wholesale, production enterprises with professional pharmaceutical distribution, sole agency, modern logistics, information technology and other services.

Enterprise News
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